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Goals & Objectives

The council of Tourism Students Programs and activities focus on students and their well-being within the overall scope and objectives of the Tourism Program by providing experiences that compliment the knowledge, skills, values, interests and abilities attained in and out of the classroom. The main objective of the organization is to facilitate student group cohesion through advising and training centered on group dynamics.

Specifically, the organization aims to:

• Identify and encourage involvement in leadership development opportunities for students that enhance their overall experience and competence.
• Help the school in imposing discipline on the students by initiating the strict observation of the school rules and regulations.
• Incorporate community service in the list of activities.
• Create a sense of belongingness and further the process of appropriate socialization among the members.
• Develop community awareness through partnership with different institutions.
• Facilitate opportunities for students to dialogue and socialize with each other in order to create meaningful relationships with the team.
• Create opportunities for reflection and personal growth of the students.
• Encourage participation in the majority of the Student Affairs sponsored activities and events.
• Boost the confidence of the members in making LCM an excellent training ground for Tourism students through exposure in school and inter-school activities and competitions.
• Encourage social and environmental awareness through environmental campaigns and social advocacies.
• Initiate activities that will:
      • Mold the members' character and talents;
      • Improve their mental, social and emotional skills;
      • Prepare them in their future professionals in the Tourism Industry.


President:     Jenille Mendoza
Vice-President:     Lourdes Melendres
Secretary:     Ma. Lei Sy
Treasurer:     Dannialyn Rose Rapisura
Auditor:     Sharlene Fernandez
Business Manager:     Pearl Tricelle De Jesus
P.R.O:     Margie Guanzon
Sgt @ Arms:     Nicole Corres
2nd Year Representative:     Glory Mae Panaguiton
3rd Year Representative:     Sharly Maine Ponce
4th Year Representative:     Julie Anne Pabroa
SC Executive:     Czarina Mae Lazo