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Themes for AY 2010-2015


The Research Development Office (RDO) was created in June 1979 when LCC Manila was preparing for the first PAASCU accreditation visit. It served as the PAASCU accrediting Team-Secretariat and exhibit headquarters.

During the Administrators Evaluation Meeting (AEM) in April 1981, the proposal of evaluating the RDO (OSA Educational) System's unit was considered and approved by the Congregation's school administrators. Without the formality of a written documentation for the said approval, RDC was transformed into OSA-RDC.

In 1999, Sr. Imelda Mora, OSA, realigned the mission of the OSA-RDO. At present, the Research and Publications Center (RES) gears up to play an active role in LCCM's pursuit of academic excellence and extension services.


The Research and Publication Center (RES) is guided by one of the Augustinian’s core values “VERITAS” (truth). RES is committed to the spirit of searching for truth through quality research and innovative development programs. RES is endeavored to support the academic community by providing a conducive research atmosphere and enhancing their research capabilities.


The LCCM Research Agenda is conceived in accordance with the emerging needs of La Consolacion College Manila as a higher education institution and its community extension.

RES commits itself to be the pillar of academic and non-academic community through researches that will generate new knowledge in the following Research Program Areas:

• Water: Local and Global Perspective
• Climate Change
• Alternative Energy Sources
• Sustainable Environment

• Reproductive Health
• Future of Nursing Homes
• Integrative Medicine
• Alternative Medicine

• Backyard Tourism
• Medical Tourism
• Ecotourism
• Innovations in the hospitality industry
• Genetically Modified Organism

• Distance Education Policy
• Innovative teaching pedagogies
• Dual-learning approach to education
• Understanding by Design

• E-Waste
• M-learning vs. E-learning
• E-transaction for micro-enterprises

• Family business cases
• Business incubation management

• Work Ethics
• Graft and corruption
• Social justice

Themes for AY 2010-2015

“Environment, Sustainability and Community”

For the AY 2010-2015, LCCM Research and Publication Center will focus on environment, sustainability and community with emphasis on the local and global perspective on water, backyard tourism, ripple model effect of population control in developed country and the future of nursing homes.


  • To streamline the research theme with the LCCM RES agenda focusing on a particular research program area.
  • To establish research culture among faculty with research capabilities through well articulated research theme.
  • To conduct research projects that will meet the emerging needs of institutional and community development.
  • To help generate materials and financial resources for the research activities of LCCM community.

  • Functions

    1. Sponsors seminars, workshops, and conferences either by itself or in cooperation with other individuals, groups, or    agencies in the furtherance of its objectives.

    2. Administers the different programs of the Center.

    3. Ensures uniform implementation of policies and observance of research thrusts across the different schools.

    4. Publishes and disseminates, whether electronic or printed, the results of researches which includes write-ups but not limited to research agenda, journals, manuscripts, books, digests, brochures, flyers, oral and poster presentations, and exhibits.

    5. Ensures that the intellectual property rights and copyright ownership of all its researches and publications are protected.

    6. Coordinates with external research centers as well as other funding institutions to generate and strengthen research activities in the College.


    1. Institutional Research

    RES conducts institutional researches that are relevant, multi-disciplinary, innovative and worthy of publication in referred journals.

    2. Research Training and Development Program

    The Research Training and Development Program aims to increase the research awareness, knowledge, skills, and interests of academic community through seminar, workshop and colloquium.

    3. Academic Research Program (ACARP)

    The Academic Research Program provides the academic community with research opportunities for personal, professional and intellectual growth. It also provides technical and financial assistance in the form of de-loading or honorarium.

    4. Materials Development Program (MDP)

    The Materials Development Program aims to provide the academic community with opportunities to develop instructional materials like worktexts, modules and manuals.

    5. Theses and Dissertations Statistical Analysis, Editing and Formatting Services

    RES provides services like statistical analysis and APA formatting package to the faculty, undergraduate and graduate students undertaking thesis and dissertation writing.

    6. Research Assistance to Graduate School Students

    RES provides assistance to the graduate school students in doing research proposals.

    7. Thesis and Dissertation Grants

    RES provides thesis and dissertation grant to faculty members who successfully defended his/her research paper.

    8. Publications

    RES shall facilitate the dissemination of information and research outputs through the following publications:

    a. LCCM Research Journal
    The LCCM Research Journal is the official multi-disciplinary research journal of the institution. It serves as an outlet for the publication of completed and on-going research works and undertakings of the academic community. It is published annually.
    b. LCCM Review
    The LCCM Review is an inter-disciplinary and exchange publication that aims to be the channel for the creative expression of what has been thought out in the different schools of the College and BED. It is also aimed to serve as a cooperating channel of communication among academic scholars, faculty researchers, students and experts from different sectors as well as the community. It is released annually.
    c. LCCM Research Digest
    The LCCM Research Digest disseminates condensed versions or summary of research, review essays, conference papers, lecture notes, teaching guides, and other classroom material/innovation for its quarterly publication.