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Program Description
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Component Units of OICCC
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English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Program Description

The Office of International College and Corporate Communication is a comprehensive office designed to serve the needs of both international students , scholars and foreign faculty by developing and coordinating activities and services that create and enhance a globally aware and culturally diverse academic environment.

OICCC takes charge of promoting international education and fostering an institutional appreciation for cultural diversity. Internationalizing the campus enables its students to experience and have contact with cultures and customs other than their own, which will in turn expand their horizons by helping them to learn how to appreciate the commonality and differences of all members of a global society , and to engage in thoughtful moral discourse and establish relationships which transcend international borders and cultures.

Aside from this, OICCC also serves as the liaison between LCCM and its publics. It encodes and promotes LCCM’s strong corporate culture, coherent corporate identity, stable corporate philosophy, genuine sense of corporate citizenship through appropriate and professional relationship with its publics.

As a whole, the Office of International College and Corporate Communication is geared towards making international education an essential part of La Consolacion College Manila’s identity, both in the local and international academic community while at the same time enhances the image of the institution in both the local and international academic community.

Vision Statement

The Office of International College and Corporate Communication is built upon a vision – to promote an appreciation of cultural diversity and foster mutual respect and cooperation among people, transcending borders and cultures and thus, help lay the foundation for global understanding.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of International College and Corporate Communication is to serve as an advocate and catalyst to promote the global education component of La Consolacion College Manila. This is achieved by advancing and fostering cross-cultural understanding that enable international students, scholars and foreign faculty to accomplish their individual educational, social and professional objectives while at the same time , enhancing and enriching the academic and co-curricular life on campus. It likewise serves as the institution’s link to media and the outside community.


The Office of International College and Corporate Communication is committed to fostering respect for diverse cultures and multiple voices and promoting global awareness, knowledge and proficiency in all aspects of campus life.

Component Units of OICCC


Knowledge of languages other than English and sensitivity to other cultures are becoming increasingly important in our present century. Efficient transportation and instantaneous communications make contact with people from around the globe more and more frequent and vital, while technological advances offer exciting new possibilities . Likewise, the internationalization of travel, the arts, media , politics , science , technology and the economic interdependence of the world’s nations have made it necessary for people to develop multilingual skills.

LCCM’s Foreign Language Center seeks to open doors to students / learners in their wide-ranging pursuits through the study of languages and cultures.

The FLC offers a range of language options for students , professionals , business executives and even government officials. FLC’s language courses –

  1. emphasizes language skills which offer the students the opportunity to develop proficiency / functional ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  2. Include cultural studies of the customs and traditions of the regions throughout the world in which the language are spoken.
  3. are taught with a personalized approach, a lot of interaction , productive work and lots of great fun.

At the end of the course, the learners develop confidence and fluency in a variety of languages whether for study, travel, work or personal development.

The Foreign Language Center offers language courses in:

  1. English
  2. Mandarin
  3. Korean
  4. Spanish
  5. Nihonggo
  6. French
  7. Italian
  8. Pilipino


The Department of Languages, Literature and Humanities offers students the creative and critical insights that come from access to resources of the English language and comprehensive study of literatures written in English. Basic language courses offer students a good grasp of grammar and enhancement of their writing skills. While the literature courses range from historical surveys to intense explorations of a single author , from classic texts to films and fiction in contemporary popular culture, from close reading and appreciation of a writer’s craft to theoretical issues within broadly-based cultural studies. The humanities on the other hand, offers students a unique, integrated program of study across the different disciplines of literature, history, philosophy, anthropology and the arts – such as music, visual arts like film, sculpture and painting as well as performing arts like dance and theatre.

As a whole, the department seeks to facilitate the development of students into mature, caring, knowledgeable individuals who are reflective, critical and humane persons who comprehend and appreciate pluralistic values while maintaining their individuality.


The International Faculty and Students Services is a friendly support system that delivers administrative and support services to foreign national faculty and students during their stay at LCCM.

ISFS is dedicated to facilitating the best experience for all foreign students and faculty in school by providing the following services:

  1. Pre-arrival information
  2. International student/faculty orientation
  3. Immigration appointments/appearance
  4. Assistance in acquiring travel documents/visas
  5. Assistance in securing airport-to-campus transportation
  6. Assistance in cultural adjustment
  7. Student advising and personal development
  8. Cultural exposure

In addition, ISFS also serves as the school’s liaison for short-term academic visitors to LCCM, including visiting delegates from current and potential partner institutions , and visiting administrative officials from various ministries of education and other government agencies. For these visits, which can range in length from one day to several weeks, ISFS renders welcoming events, arranges itineraries and accommodations , provides logistical support and escorts visitors around the campus , around the city and nearby provinces.


The Office of Media and Public Relations (OMPR) is responsible for disseminating information to the public of the institution’s vision-mission , policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner.

It is likewise responsible in maximizing the institution’s positive coverage in the mass media by reviewing and gathering information of public interest , thus, serving as a liaison to the general public.

Its promotion and marketing activities include:

  1. production and distribution of newsletters/newsmagazines
  2. writing and distribution of press releases
  3. seizing opportunities for maximum media coverage
  4. consistent promotion of the institution’s corporate culture, identity and philosophy.

Academic Support Services


Artshop Services is a support service unit that provides quality service in the area of arts and design like stage design, sketching, mural painting, stencil, silk screen painting, letter cut outs, lettering and other forms of artwork.

Requested artworks are attended to on a first come , first serve basis and are always finished and delivered on time.


Materials Reproduction Services is a support service that is responsible for the reproduction of materials like test papers, notices, programme, invitation, hand-outs , newsletter, exam schedules, forms, liturgy and the like. This service unit ensures efficiency and security in the reproduction of materials.