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La Consolacion College Manila is a Catholic educational institution that is inspired by St. Augustine’s vision of the academe that is founded on the primacy of love. It understands the academic community to be above all else, a scholarly fellowship of friends.

As an institution of higher learning, La Consolacion College Manila envisions herself to become truly an innovative higher education institution in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

Within this decade 2010-2020, LCCM is projected to be veritably influenced by research-oriented instruction that is richly complemented with technology-driven holistic education for lifelong learning, and with strong community outreach programs especially among the marginalized sectors of the National Capital Region (NCR) and Greater Luzon Area.


As a Catholic institution of higher learning and convinced of the primacy of Love, LCCM assumes the responsibility of consistently serving and caring for God’s people regardless of their color, creed and culture. The missionary mandate of LCCM is to advocate transformative education among the Augustinian community of friends through formation and development of world - class graduates and professionals.

The academic and continuing education programs at LCCM will:

  • Integrate the sciences, the arts and humanities, liberal studies, and corporate social responsibility of general education curriculum (GEC) into the professional core courses training  
  • Integrate modern learning technology and pedagogy to create liberal, innovative and student-centered education for the contemporary world;
  • Integrate work and learning through the dual teaching-learning system, apprenticeship, service and reflection, to acquire industry standard skills and competencies;
  • Integrate issues most central to the local community environment and the Philippines’ long-term needs within the context of the Asia-Pacific Rim.

To achieve these ends, LCCM will provide a multi-cultural, gender-equitable and accessible residential campus learning environment.


Our Credo Statement covers the following set of Values which LCCIans must believe in and give unequivocal testimony in all seasons of life.

  • Avid search for Truth and God
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Integrity of creation
  • Academic freedom
  • Scholarship and passion for excellence
  • Preservation of Filipino culture and heritage
  • Personal initiative, creativity and innovation