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The LCCM MBA- Technology & Entrepreneurship (MBA-Technopreneurship) Program

This track combines business + technology and entrepreneurship- three essential areas needed by the country and the global community in the 21st century. This innovative program---the first in the country, seeks to develop integrated IT leaders in business that possess the knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and Information Technology, with the proper ethics and values in the context of corporate social responsibility. Modeled after the entire venture creation cycle of its BS Entrepreneurship Program, and the competencies of the BSBA and BSIT Programs, the MBA Technology and Entrepreneurship will equip the graduates with essential entrepreneurial skills, mindsets and rigorous business and technology training

MBA Major in Technology and Entrepreneurship(THESIS Program)Curriculum


  • Principles and Dynamics of Management and Entrepreneurship ( 3 units)
  • Statistics with Computer Application / Applied Management Science/ Developing New Business Models for Emerging Technologies (3 units)
  • Business Research ( 3 units)
  • Social Responsibility and Good Governance/ Business ethics / Intellectual Property, Technology Evaluation & Commercialization ( 3 units)

MAJOR COURSES (18 units)

  • Human Resource Management / Strategic Human Resource Management for New and On-going Ventures ( 3 units)
  • Managerial Accounting and Control/ Venture Capital Financing ( 3 units)
  • Financial Management / Corporate Finance and Merger Acquisition ( 3 units)
  • Marketing Management / New Ventures and Entrepreneurial Marketing ( 3 units)
  • Operations Management / technology, Innovation and Design ( 3 units)
  • Information technology for Management / Developing New Business Models for Emerging Technologies ( 3 units)


  • Managerial Economics / new Venture Creation: Implementing Business Strategy and Managing Growth ( 3 units)
  • Transformational Leadership / Strategy Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurial Leadership

THESIS (6 units)

  • Strategic Management / Strategic Management for New Ventures and Technology Firms : Thesis I ( 3 units)
  • Entrepreneurship Case Study Project / development of Enterprise / Entrepreneurship & Business Planning : Thesis II ( 3 units)