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Goals & Objectives

Goals & Objectives

The Basic Education Department is integrally dedicated to character development and education of the pupils/students under their respective, careful jurisdiction and mandate. The department endeavor to strengthen and solidify a Christ-centered outlook in the pupils/students through basic Christian catholic teachings in collaboration with the Augustinian ideal and tradition.

Specifically, the department exists to share and accomplish the following objectives:

1. Promote the Augustinian way of life by becoming living witnesses to the Gospel values. It includes:

  1. exposure to urban poor and NGOs;
  2. Value integration in different subject areas;
  3. Personal encounter with Jesus through the Church Sacraments;
  4. Promotion of LCCM school culture through active participation in the ministry of the Church and works of civil society;
  5. Respect for the rights of others while assuming responsibility of one’s own rights;
  6. Strengthening community of friends;
  7. Propriety in words and deeds;
  8. Love of God’s creation; and
  9. Availability and indispensability in service of others.

2. Acquire and appreciate fundamental knowledge and critical skills, and develop analytical thinking and logical reasoning through:

  1. Proficiency in self-expression, that is, in oral and written;
  2. Presentation of skits, stage places, dramas and concert;
  3. Demonstration of knowledge and creative skills in school or group-sponsored debate, public speaking, and in doing film reading and book reviews, etc.;
  4. Publication of literary articles and research outputs;
  5. Faith life sharing to cope with problems and difficulties in school, home and community; and
  6. Sensibility and resourcefulness in the implementation of classroom activities and school projects;
  7. Scientific inquiry in the interpretation and verification of scientific laws in the field of science which will improve human kind’s quality of life,
  8. Sufficiency in quantitative reasoning and mathematical background to cope with modern world technologies.

3. Develop an attitude of friendship and cooperation among members of the school community through:

  1. Leadership and rapport; and
  2. Active participation in different learning and educational activities.

4. Strengthen partnership with parents and establish stronger linkages with other Augustinian schools and the outside community. It includes the following:

  1. Active participation in inter-school activities, especially, with the Augustinian Schools;
  2. Mobilization of parents in school activities by tapping them as resource persons;
  3. Involvement with different sectors of society and adopted community;
  4. Active promotion kind ship assembly in school as student’s second home; and
  5. Sensitivity to the needs and feeling of others as giving and receiving forgiveness.

5. Provide a pro-active and growth-oriented environment for the learners by:

  1. Facilitating activities and new learning opportunites to maximize skills and harness potentials.

6. Enrich learning experiences through the use of modern technology and multimedia. It includes:

  1. Proper understanding in the application of multimedia to classroom engagement;
  2. Experimentation of selected, well-tested and reliable researches made by credible research practitioners and experts;
  3. Production of investigatory projects.

7. Exemplify a transforming education that would help pupils/students emulate and achieve a socially responsible behavior. It considers:

  1. Integration of culture of peace and eco-feminism;
  2. Responsiveness to local and global concerns
  3. Rendering highest regard to human dignity



A. Age
     Nursery    3 years old by June
     Kinder I    4 years old by June
     Kinder II    5 years old by June

B. Grades
  1. First year applicants must have completed the intermediate course with satisfactory grades in all subjects.
  2. Transferees must have a general average of at least 80%.
  3. Applicants must have a Conduct/Deportment grade of at least 80%.

C. Requirements/Credentials
  1. Two(2) ID pictures (1x1)
  2. Photocopy of birth and baptismal certificates
  3. Original copy of Report Card (Form 138)
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  5. ACR and Grade Placement for foreign applicants


A. New Students and Transferees
1. Present requirements, accomplish application form and secure testing permit from the Guidance Center.
2. Pay testing fee at the Finance Office.
3. Come for testing, interview and enrollment (all in a day for qualified applicants)
4. Get endorsement from the Guidance Center. Present this document to the Registrar’s Office for the Registration Form.
5. Secure approval of the Registration and the list of books and school materials from the Principal’s Office
6. Proceed to the Finance Office for the payment of fees.

B. Old Pupils/Students
1. Submit Form 138 (Report Card) and secure Registration Form from the Registrar’s office
2. Present Registration Form at the Principal’s Office for approval
3. Secure approval of the Registration form and the list of books and school materials from the Principal’s Office
4. Proceed to the Finance Office for the payment of fees